In the Diggia Group we are fully aware of the impact that companies have on society and the environment. That is the reason why the group was born, due to the need of companies that bet on decarbonising the economy, promoting the transition to clean and renewable energies that reduce greenhouse effect gas emissions to slow down and mitigate climate change.   Day by day, the companies that are part of the group work to offer our customers innovative, efficient and profitable solutions that allow them to participate in this transformation. Our brands:
  • Gamma Solutions
  • Sferaone Solutions & Services
  • Wenea
  • Gamma Health


Técnico/a I+D

En Grupo Diggia somos plenamente conscientes del impacto que las empresas tienen en la sociedad y el medio ambiente. Apostamos por descarbonizar la economía, impulsando la transición hacia energías limpias...